jenny demaret

fiddle / keyedfiddle


duo varsågod

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concert, folk dances, Swedish dances

J. Demaret : fiddle, keyed fiddle
E. Brouillard : diatonic accordion

Varsågod duo plays traditional music for dancing and listening. The two musicians met 2009 in Sweden.
They mish the sounds of their instruments, they collect and arrange Swedish tunes in their own way. They often come back to Sweden to continue to learn, understand, feel Swedish music.
They play also traditional music from France and Celtic music for the dance.The women of Varsågod duo also play for workshops (dance and music). They work for example with Christine Bur in France and Aurélie Giet in Belgium. They propose to lead different worhsjops : accordion, fiddle, keyed fiddle, ensemble music.
Contact us to organize events, gigs, courses and workshops. And discover our music in listening few tunes on this website !