jenny demaret

fiddle / keyedfiddle



Jenny has been playing the fiddle for few years when she discovers 2007 Swedish music and "nyckelharpa" (key fiddle). She leaves France and goes to live in Sweden in 2008-2009. There she studies folk music on fiddle and keyed fiddle : Birka Folkhögskola and Erik Sahlström Institut.
Back to France after this experience, she shares her passion for the Swedish music with other musicians and she creates several musical projects and bands.
Today, she regularly returns to Sweden to continue to learn and to play with Swedish musicians.
Jenny also plays on folk dances. She plays Celtic, American music, world music in children's gigs.
For few months, she has been playing traditional music from central France (Auvergne, Limousin) on fiddle and medieval music on keyed fiddle.

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